All Book Lovers, Welcome!

I’m so proud of my bestie Chelsea for starting her very own YouTube Channel! I think it takes so much courage to put yourself out there for the world to see. Books, books, and more books Iv’e known this girl since high school and since I can remember she has always had a passion for reading. Seriously it probably takes me a month to finish a book probably longer because Netflix is a thing, but this girl can proudly finish one in two days. If you love a good book but never have an idea on what to read check her out and she has an enormous recommendations for you!

I believe it’s extremely important to support and encourage those around you, it’s not always easy to put a little piece of you on the internet for the world to see or read. So today think about your passion if it’s books, photography, astronomy, fashion or anything your little heart desires and think of ways you can put that passion into something amazing for yourself. Encourage your loved ones to step out of there comfort zone and try something new for themselves. Support them because it’s not always doing so. NOW, head over to her channel and subscribe for all the book loving fun!

xoxo, Jos


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