Tingly Feelings

Here are 15 of my favorite feelings, the oooo’s and ahhhh’s when i encounter them sometimes it’s the little things that can change your day.

  1. When you pour yourself a cup of coffee and your still half asleep, you get that first smell and just ahhh YES
  2. Coming home after a long day and just whipping that bra strap off and letting the ladies free. How amazing is that feeling? I think all the ladies know exactly how that feels.
  3. Seeing your friend/loved one/family member succeed on something they have been working so hard for
  4. Taking off your makeup, the free clean feeling after being out and about all day long
  5. When I take out my dog Molly for a walk, she gets so extremely happy it makes me so happy. The look she gets when she is ready to conquer the world is priceless
  6. Walking into Disneyland..enough said…
  7. When you open up to someone, and they accept you for everything you are nothing more and nothing less
  8. Walking down the street listening to your favorite jamz and pretending your in a music video with the wind blowing your hair
  9. Seeing someone feed or take care of a homeless animal
  10. When you have been waiting for your food at a restaurant and you see dish after dish pass you by, then finally what seemed like forever your food arrives!
  11. After you workout, the feeling of finishing that intense workout when you felt like giving up
  12. Finishing a project, when you have been working so hard for months and it’s finally done
  13. Giving someone a compliment and watching there face light up from it
  14. When my significant other plays with my hair, ahh it’s so relaxing and just puts me to sleep
  15. Women coming together pushing and building each other up

What are some of your 15 favorite feelings?

xoxo, Jos


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