Summer Favorites

It’s summer time and I have been obsessed with watermelon lately specifically watermelon with Tajín. The flavor just gives the fruit a little more of a kick and it’s so delicious i recommend it to anyone who loves just a little bit more spicy flavor, but it’s not at all over spicy in anyway. I can literally eat this all day and all night. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset During the summer I try not to drink as much coffee as I normally would, which is around 3 cups a day. So I started to switch things up with a tea. I have been drinking Tiesta Tea, Slenderizer. I have one cup in the morning and one at night, it taste so good and smells amazing. It really does smell like a bag of fruit which I love and I have also notice i’m getting full in the morning with my tea and a small breakfast. The best part is, it taste great hot or even cold it’s perfect for summer time. You do need a tea infuser for this tea which you can find  at Target but I have also seen it at Marshalls and Lucky’s (Albertsons) along with the tea itself at this local stores. Let me know what your favorite tea is! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Nail Polish is something I always use, I can never not have my nails painted and if there not painted them you must have caught me on an off day. I just like having my nails all pretty, but anyways I use to always paint my nails red because it just looked great on my hands and complimented my skin tone nicely. I then stopped going back to pink and nude colors but i’m back on the red wagon. Forever 21 oddly enough had a nail polish that lasted a long time and dries very quickly, so this has been my favorite red nail polish lately!

   Smoothies are a great summer time breakfast, or snack! I love anything sour so my favorite smoothie to make is a pineapple peach smoothie. I’ve listed the ingredients below, give it a try and let me know what you think!

  1. 2 cups of pineapple (frozen or fresh)
  2. 1 cup of peaches (frozen or fresh)
  3. 1 cup of Greek vanilla yogurt
  4. 1 cup of water
  5. Ice and blend it all together 

Who doesn’t love a little pop of color in the summer, but sometimes lipstick is a little to heavy to wear with the crazy heat. This City Color lip stain in Flirtini, is my go to. It applies so nicely and adds that little extra something! (Wearing it in my photo below)

Lastly is my short hair!! Ahh I have seriously been loving it, I’m still trying to figure out how to style it here and there but I love how fun and short it is, I needed a little change and my hair was pretty damage. When I first decided to cut my hair I didn’t plan to go this short but I got a little brave when I was in the salon and just went for it!

 xoxo, Jos


Eventful Weekend!

The most amazing thing happened on June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court declared Same-Sex Marriage LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES! Now everyone and anyone has the right to marry who ever there little hearts desires, this is such an amazing time to be alive and watch history being made! So congrats to all those who got married this past weekend and may you live a long and happy married life! Now that this battle has been won it’s time to keep up the fight with other issues that still accrue in the LGBTQ community such as violence against queer and trans* people, radical justice LGBTQ people of color are more then likely to experience more physical violence, immigrant justice, healthy justice. These are just a few of the many things we are still fighting for. We are moving in the right direction and we can not back down, we have to keep up the fight for it all! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Snapchat:Kittycatjos On a much smaller note, my baby Molly had her first trip to the doggie beach! We went to  Bolsa Chica, I wasn’t to sure how she would react to the water seeing as her sister Jewel hates the water, but she enjoyed it and made some new friends well the much smaller dogs. Any dog that was bigger then her she was a little timid by, but she had a great time and behaved so well for her first trip to the beach! We will defiantly be going back!  11698817_925066954220772_3162091352568726744_n

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetxoxo, Jos

Be you, love you. All ways, always

FullSizeRender (2)Yesterday a former YouTuber who I enjoy watching came out, she shared with her viewers and friends that she is gay. It honestly brought tears to my eyes because it felt like not to long ago I was doing the same of course in a different situation. It’s an extremely terrifying thing to do, but at the same time it feels as if weights have been lifted off your shoulders and heart. I grew up in a world where being gay was accepted by some and it wasn’t ideal by others, unfortunately you will  encounter people who do not accept you but it’s those who do that are more important. People are more aware and more accepting but it is still a daily struggle for some including myself.

I’m writing this because I was in the same position of being confused, worried, scared, in denial, every possible horrible feeling someone can have of themselves but it was those who wrote blogs, made videos, speaking words of encourage that helped me sleep at night knowing I was not alone, I was not some kind of freak. It also helped me that I have the greatest friends who love me for me. If you feel as if your alone in the world your not, there are so many other people thinking the same thing, going through the same obstacles as you are. Some days you may come in contact with people who do not “believe” this is a lifestyle do not dwell so much on those who bring negativity into your life. You are beautiful inside and out, I still struggle on a daily with peoples negativity but I do my very best to stay as positive as I can and live unapologetic but I am only human. Whatever makes you happy, you do you. This not only goes out to the people coming out or wanting to but anyone who feels as if there alone in the world and there trying to find themselves in any shape or form. Here is a quote I came across that I have fallen in love with, I even want to get it tattooed on my arm, “Be you, love you. All ways, always.”-Alex Elle

xoxo, Jos

Tuesday Tunes

It’s Tuesday Tunes where I share some music that I have been loving. I have recently come across a band named Coasts and I can honestly say I am obsessed. They have this chill summer vibe to them that I just love. My ultimate favorite song by them is Oceans, of course it brings out my mermaid soul. It’s defiantly the time of music you blast when your driving on those summer nights. Here are a few of my favorite songs by them. I hope you enjoy!

What’s your current music obsession? I would love to know, i’m always open to new music suggestions.

xoxo, Jos

Coffee Please!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hello my sweet friends we say goodbye to the weekend and hello Monday, so you know we all need that giant cup of coffee to get us through the day. This past weekend I celebrated my partner in crimes birthday by going to the club. Yes the club, grandma went out to party and I survived. Now I’ll need a week to recover from it. It was a little reminder to enjoy being young and reckless. Now it’s time to get this week started coming up with new fun ideas for the blog to share with you all until we meet again beautiful weekend. I hope you all have a great week and your coffee gets you through this Monday.

 xoxo, Jos

Tingly Feelings

Here are 15 of my favorite feelings, the oooo’s and ahhhh’s when i encounter them sometimes it’s the little things that can change your day.

  1. When you pour yourself a cup of coffee and your still half asleep, you get that first smell and just ahhh YES
  2. Coming home after a long day and just whipping that bra strap off and letting the ladies free. How amazing is that feeling? I think all the ladies know exactly how that feels.
  3. Seeing your friend/loved one/family member succeed on something they have been working so hard for
  4. Taking off your makeup, the free clean feeling after being out and about all day long
  5. When I take out my dog Molly for a walk, she gets so extremely happy it makes me so happy. The look she gets when she is ready to conquer the world is priceless
  6. Walking into Disneyland..enough said…
  7. When you open up to someone, and they accept you for everything you are nothing more and nothing less
  8. Walking down the street listening to your favorite jamz and pretending your in a music video with the wind blowing your hair
  9. Seeing someone feed or take care of a homeless animal
  10. When you have been waiting for your food at a restaurant and you see dish after dish pass you by, then finally what seemed like forever your food arrives!
  11. After you workout, the feeling of finishing that intense workout when you felt like giving up
  12. Finishing a project, when you have been working so hard for months and it’s finally done
  13. Giving someone a compliment and watching there face light up from it
  14. When my significant other plays with my hair, ahh it’s so relaxing and just puts me to sleep
  15. Women coming together pushing and building each other up

What are some of your 15 favorite feelings?

xoxo, Jos

All Book Lovers, Welcome!

I’m so proud of my bestie Chelsea for starting her very own YouTube Channel! I think it takes so much courage to put yourself out there for the world to see. Books, books, and more books Iv’e known this girl since high school and since I can remember she has always had a passion for reading. Seriously it probably takes me a month to finish a book probably longer because Netflix is a thing, but this girl can proudly finish one in two days. If you love a good book but never have an idea on what to read check her out and she has an enormous recommendations for you!

I believe it’s extremely important to support and encourage those around you, it’s not always easy to put a little piece of you on the internet for the world to see or read. So today think about your passion if it’s books, photography, astronomy, fashion or anything your little heart desires and think of ways you can put that passion into something amazing for yourself. Encourage your loved ones to step out of there comfort zone and try something new for themselves. Support them because it’s not always doing so. NOW, head over to her channel and subscribe for all the book loving fun!

xoxo, Jos